The Beginning!

Welcome to the blog! This blog will be acting as a part project log – part project blog to document a project that aims to…

Design and construct a replica of the ALU found within the MOS Technology 6502 processor and interface it with the micro blogging service Twitter, allowing commands to be sent to it for arbitrary calculations and logical functions to be performed.

As the quote from the project specification says, the core goal is to internet connect the ALU from what is now an old but arguably very important processor in history that is still being used today. This will allow instructions that can be issued to either be as simple as integer additions, subtraction, multiplications and divisions or as complicated as we have time to allow the system to handle, with one of the eventual goals being to allow the (quite slow) execution of 6502 assembly instructions.

The core of the project will be to realise a functional system as soon as possible using discrete 7400 series logic parts and then to replace them part by part with alternative implementations of the same functionality using different technologies. This will be done using a Kernel and Modules style design where the Kernel will be made of the core functionality that the project must achieve to be called a success and then the modules will constitute all the other functionality and features that dial the electronics geek-o-meter up to 11.

There are plenty of ideas already from implementing registers in relay latches and displaying values on Nixie tubes but they shall be revealed as time goes on and progress is made.

As for this blog it will be updated regularly with as much progress, images and as much video as there is to report on it and hopefully it will see a webcam over the lab space and construction area added soon.


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