All aboard the PCB Train!

Now I know it’s been a little while since our last blog entry but don’t worry, we’ve been busy working on producing schematics and PCB designs for the project!

Not long after the last post we decided that it probably wouldn’t be the best use of our time to produce the entire ALU and registers on breadboard. It’d be big, bug ridden and consume more sections of board and tiny bits of wire than have probably ever been produced.

So, what we’re going to do is only construct the registers and the adder on breadboard. This can then be used to start writing the code for the Raspberry Pi and should turn up any bugs with interfacing so many different ICs that we haven’t anticipated.

In the mean time we’ll have PCBs made for the entire system by the people over at PCB Train most likely so that we can build a first fully working prototype. From this we will then start the redesigning process on each item so things can be tested to make sure they still all function together as we’re expecting.

Until we have  more to show I shall leave you with a sneaky peek at the schematic and designs for Register B!

Reg B Schematic

Register B Schematic

Register B Layout

Register B Layout

Reg B PCB Visulisation

Register B PCB Visualisation


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