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Here Come the Relays – Clickety Clickety Click…

1-Bit Relay Adder

1-Bit Relay Adder

Now that we have a Twitter Arithmetic Logic Unit, we can begin the fun stuff! Although 7400 logic is a classic platform for logic circuits, there is still an air of mystery about what goes on inside those little black chips. The advantage of 7400 logic is that it’s incredibly easy to use and the variant that we’ve chosen (74HCT) is super speedy.

But don’t worry, the Twittithmetic Logic Unit (TLU) isn’t just a PCB with a few black boxes. The core aim of the TwitALU project is to make computing rhythmically audible and visually entertaining. This is where the adder module comes into its own.

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Our Inspiration – The Wooden FPGA

Back in March 2013 a house-mate, Jeremy and I took part in the Bristol Mini Maker Faire representing Hack Kids where we had the task of using our skills to produce an interactive electronics project that would inspire young people to enter the world of electronics.

Bristol's HackKids doing their thing

Bristol’s Hack Kids doing their thing

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