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It’s done!

The TwitALU in it's entirety.

The TwitALU in all its glory..

It’s been a long time since we’ve posted but the TwitALU is finished! It has already been shown off at the University of Bristol Open Day and the DigiMakers event at At-Bristol (review).

After the break are a few videos and photos of the TwitALU in action!

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SmartNixie Vacuum Tubes!

We’ve had great fun using the Raspberry Pi’s I2C bus and Port Expanders to talk to all the registers in the system and to control the ALU. It’s such an easy to use protocol – ¬†writing to 8 pins of a Port Expander is as selecting the Port Expander and sending it a byte of data.

SmartNixie IN12. Credit: http://www.tayloredge.com/

SmartNixie IN12. Credit: http://www.tayloredge.com/

However, Port Expanders aren’t the only I2C device around. You can find all sorts of devices like LED dimmers, LCD drivers, Data Converters (DAC/ADC), Memories, Clocks and Audio synthesisers to name just a few.

Monochrome 128x32 I2C OLED graphic display. Credit: http://www.adafruit.com/

128×32 I2C OLED graphic display. Credit: http://www.adafruit.com/

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